Do you know the chain tensioner

Date: 2023-02-21

Do you know the chain tensioner? In many equipment, chain and conveyor belt are very important vulnerable parts. Because they are constantly moving, they are under extremely high pressure.

The chain tensioner keeps the chain and drive belt tightened reliably, thus increasing their service life. In the decades of use around the world, the chain tensioner has been inspected and tested. Our experience with these chain tensioners enables us to provide you with the best advice and the best solution you need every time.

Because we have a variety of chain tensioners, we can quickly and accurately solve almost all needs. If you need personal solutions, our free and non-binding consulting services will certainly help you.

Our chain tensioner runs freely and can be restored. Therefore, they are not subject to the action of rigid deflector when they are stressed, which avoids much contact pressure. Our system aims to keep the total force on the slack rope caused by the weight of the chain and centrifugal force under control. The ideal installation position is behind the drive sprocket, which is to protect the length of the slack chain that needs to be tensioned as short as possible.

The special holding mechanism just starts to stop the spring action. When these retainers are released after installation, the tension is released in a directional way.